We had the privilege of partnering with our good friends at Yebo Life to host a Brunch & Home Brewing Workshop. All for a very worthy cause.

Together we were able to raise money to provide shoes to 35 children in Philippi, an impoverished farming community in Cape Town. How cool is that!

Yebo Life hopes to put shoes on the feet of 200 children this year!

We feel so honoured to have contributed to this and we will continue to support this cause.
A lot of people think that you need an Espresso machine to brew great coffee or you have to go down to your local coffee shop to get a good cup.

The truth is that you can brew the best cup in town, at home! At the Home Brewing Workshop we showed people how to do just that!

People learnt about the 4 key coffee brewing principles and we got to demonstrate these with a few brewing methods.

1. Hario pour-over
2. Chemex
3. Bialetti
4. French press
5. AeroPress

Even devout tea drinkers enjoyed the workshop and got to sample the coffee!
In between demonstrations, we shared a delicious homemade brunch.

This gathering was unbelievable — intimate, creative, and heartwarming. Thanks to all of you who were a part of it! We hope to see you at the next workshop happening on August 8th at Blonde and Beard.

Join us as we talk about the journey of a coffee bean — from the plantation, to roasting, and finally, to brewing. There will also be a live roasting demonstration. It’s a gathering for the avid coffee drinker and for any young adults keen on community as we raise funds to support a local soccer ministry, Future Life, that works with teens in Capricorn Park and Lavender Hill.

For more information click here: Bean to Brew Workshop