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  • Sanremo Verona RS

    Verona RS – Real-time Stability

    A brand new engine behind classic lines.
    A renewed look for the top heat stability ever.


    Verona RS is the latest UK Barista Championship machine.

    The RS takes even bigger steps into temperature stability, warm water feeding the larger, insulated PID controlled stainless steel boilers behind each group, plus the addition of PID controlled heaters in the group head metalwork. The result is an almost impenetrable coffee consistency.

    Click here for full description and specifications Sanremo Verona RS

  • Sanremo Opera

    Opera – The Revolution

    • First espresso coffee machine designed by an expert team of baristas, engineers and designers from around the world.
    • Brew ratio with Controlled Delivery System (CDS).
    • Three different fully programmable stages of infusion with variable gear pump pressure; pre-infusion : infusion ; post-infusion.
    • New PID controlled multi-boiler system with integrated 0.5 litre 800W independent group head boilers.
    • All the espresso parameters are controlled via an APP. Tablet included.
    • Six programmable recipes per group head.
    • Fitted with Competition Filters.
    • 316L AISI Stainless Steel Construction.
    • Ergonomically designed machine with pull-style start/stop levers.

    Click here for full description and specifications – Sanremo Opera

  • Sanremo Verona

    The Verona model echoes the soft decorative lines of classical coffee makers, reinterpreted with modernity and good taste for a coffee maker which fits in well with any style of décor.


    • Verona TCS – Temperature Control System consists of a boiler for each coffee dispensing unit, in addition to the traditional one for the production of steam and water for hot beverages.
    • Precision Steam Taps ensure perfect steam and air mixture creating perfect micro-foam.
    • Bluetooth System Service manages the technical support parameters simply by using a smartphone or a tablet with a dedicated app

    Click here for full description and specifications Sanremo Verona

  • Sanremo Zoe

    Zoe – Perfect Square

    The Zoe coffee machine is both modern and elegant and offers exceptional value, perfect for the current coffee business.

    Thanks to the presence of a traditional heat exchanger system with thermosyphon circulation and units, allowing for constant thermal stability, Zoe is able to guarantee top-quality coffee every time.

    Industry leading features such a pre-infusion come standard with all Zoe machines.