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Ethiopian Limu


Medium Roast

Single Origin

Aromatic and full of rich flavours. You’ll taste raspberry, jasmine and Bergamot orange.

A supremely clean cup.

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Ethiopian Limu

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Limu

Grade: Grade 2

Type: Washed and Sun-dried Arabica of the Heirloom varietals

Altitude: 1,400 to 2,100 meters

Climate: Light rain season: January to February – heavy rain season: June to September

Harvest: November to January

Processing Method: Wet process (washed)

Coffee Farming in Ethiopia

Legend tells us that Ethiopia is the ground zero of the coffee world. The garden of Eden for these little red cherries we love so much. For Ethiopians, coffee is a lifestyle and a passion, which certainly shows in the complexity of flavours and aromas of coffee produced! Coffee’s are named after the geographic locations where they grow; in this instance Limu is grown in the area of Limu, Western Ethiopia (right next to the the regions of Sidamo and Yirg).

Order Info

Each blend and single origin is made available in our 250g retail boxes, or 1kg wholesale bags.

We grind your coffee to your specifications to ensure you extract a perfect cup every time. Should your brew method not be listed here – please feel free to add it in the comments section along with your order.

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  Step 1:
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  Step 2:
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  Step 3:
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  Step 4:
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