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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper


Hario V60 is one of the simplest and cleanest ways to show coffee’s best qualities. It’s professional without being too difficult. It allows you to complete control over the extraction and it produces a refined, bright yet rich cup of coffee.

Hario V60 Dripper 02 Includes :

  • 1x V60 dripper in white ceramin (VDC-02W)
  • Direct Brewing in to a server
  • Ceramic Body
  • Free measuring spoon
  • Great heat retention
  • Increased Expansion of the ground coffee

Made in Japan

Hario, in Japanese means “The King of Glass” – Designed for the manual, pour-over style of brewing, this simple device brews extraordinary coffee right into your cup or server. The durable, ceramic body retains heat to help ensure a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle. The V60 coffee dripper controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water – pretty much every variable that counts when brewing.


How to Brew Your Best with a Hario V60 Pour-Over

Grind: Medium coarse
Ratio: 1:17
Brew time: approx. 3 minutes

  1. Fold the cone filter along the glue line and place it into the brewer.
  2. Rinse the Hario with water that’s just off the boil. This eliminates the paper flavour and heatsup carafe you are brewing into. Throw out the rinse water.
  3. Grind your coffee. We recommend a ratio of 1:17. Therefore to brew two cups of coffee you would use for 400ml of water and 24g of coffee.
  4. Dose the Hario with the ground coffee and give it a little shake to even out the bed of coffee. Press a small divot in the centre of the coffee ground.
  5. Slowly pour around 50 grams of water into the coffee ground (usually twice the amount of water that you have as to coffee). Work your way outward gently, pouring slowly trying to avoid pouring down the sides of the filter. Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds. The bloom ensures the enough gasses have escaped to allow even water dispersion can take place.
  6. Keep pouring slowly in a spiral motion; from the centre to the outside avoiding pouring down the sides of the filter paper. Pour over the dark spots while avoiding the light spots.
  7. The trick is to have a steady stream of water hitting the coffee throughout the brew. Also try not fill the brewer all the way to the top when pouring. Pour slowly and steadily.
  8. Once you have reached your target amount of water, stop pouring and let the coffee draw down until the ground coffee in the brewer has settled and all the water has dripped through into the carafe. Discard the filter paper and coffee grounds.
  9. The complete brewing process should take 3 to 3 1⁄2 minutes.


Barista Tips

Need to brew more (or less) coffee? Use this formula:

Total coffee required (Water) ÷ brew ratio = Total coffee grind needed

400ml ÷ 17 = 23.5g


Want stronger or weaker coffee? Adjust your brew ratio. A higher coffee to water ratio will yield a stronger cup i.e


1:10 ratio = Strong coffee (400ml ÷ 10 = 40g coffee ground)

1:22 ratio = Weak coffee (400ml ÷ 22 = 18g coffee ground)


Water temperature is one of the most important factors influencing the extraction of coffee. Ensure your water is at 93 degrees.


Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Design

V60 name comes from its design. The cone is V shaped and at 60 degrees angle. According to Hario research this is the optimal way to hand brew coffee. The V60 dripper has a single large hole, which allows you to determine the flavour of the ground coffee by adjusting the water flow. The Hario dripper has spiral ribs that maximise the expansion of the coffee by enabling air to escape while brewing. For more information click here


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