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Sanremo Verona RS

Verona RS – Real-time Stability

A brand new engine behind classic lines.
A renewed look for the top heat stability ever.


Verona RS is the latest UK Barista Championship machine.

The RS takes even bigger steps into temperature stability, warm water feeding the larger, insulated PID controlled stainless steel boilers behind each group, plus the addition of PID controlled heaters in the group head metalwork. The result is an almost impenetrable coffee consistency.

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 Verona RS has all the technological features and aesthetic qualities of a custom-built machine. Its renewed and updated design, enhanced by custom-made lighting, gives it an attractive and strong look that, together with WCE (World Coffee Events) recognition, brings it to the top step of the podium with every performance. The Energy Saving System is also a key optional feature of this machine: this system ensures 30% energy savings compared to traditional espresso machines by combining new insulating materials, specific construction techniques and an in-depth study of the integrated software.

Backstage Sanremo Verona RS