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Sanremo Verona

The Verona model echoes the soft decorative lines of classical coffee makers, reinterpreted with modernity and good taste for a coffee maker which fits in well with any style of décor.


  • Verona TCS – Temperature Control System consists of a boiler for each coffee dispensing unit, in addition to the traditional one for the production of steam and water for hot beverages.
  • Precision Steam Taps ensure perfect steam and air mixture creating perfect micro-foam.
  • Bluetooth System Service manages the technical support parameters simply by using a smartphone or a tablet with a dedicated app

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The Sanremo advanced TCS technology (Temperature Control System) set a new benchmark in precision coffee production. The TCS uses a dedicated boiler for each brewing group in addition to the traditional boiler for the production of steam and water for hot drinks. The boilers are controlled by precision proportional, integrative, derivative (PID) electronics which ensure a temperature consistency, unprecedented in the group head and at the point of infusion. They provide a sensitivity of approximately + / – 0.2 C making a significant difference to the consistency of coffee production. Additionally the Sanremo TCS system allows individual temperatures to be set for each group if required, enabling the very best avours to be consistently extracted from different coffee types.

Another advantage is the reduced formation of scale combined with extreme ease of maintenance, as is possible if necessary to replace the dedicated boilers.
The PID electronic control system also significantly reduces energy consumption (by approx.30%) due to its intelligent use of power, automatic switching on and off (e.g. at night) and the ability to deactivate unused groups, with obvious economic savings for the user.

Refined group by group temperature adjustment technology with dedicated boiler, constant temperature, +/- 1° sensitivity. Clean water for tea always available directly from the mains water supply; on/off can be programmed automatically or manually group by group.
Dedicated display in addition to basic display.